Clark Legacy Center

Light a candle in hope and remembrance

For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of

Judy Cook

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Woodie B

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Danny and Jonell Tackett

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Gene Russell

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Jim Glasgow

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Claire Glasgow

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Sarah Glasgow

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Lisa Russell

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Robin and Ginger Parks

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Mark and Ann Michael

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Don, Janet and Chase Smith

   For Judy Cook  ~Lit by~Gwyn Hoskins & Larry Souder

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Kahtleen

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Travis Holder

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Steve & Jennifer Holder

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Eddie Philpot

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Kathy W. Philpot with love

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Richard Curnutte

   For Judith H. Cook  ~Lit by~Jody, Clark & Stephanie