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The comfort of planning: Grandma Rose’s favorite hiking trail

Grandma Rose has always been an avid hiker and a true lover of nature. For the past 20 years, she has spent almost every Saturday hiking along the winding, wooded trails near her home.

Grandma Rose always packs a lunch to take along with her on her hike. Once she reaches the sparkling Mirror Creek about two miles into the woods, she takes a break to eat her sandwich and soak up the glorious sights and sounds of nature. Grandma Rose believes this is the most peaceful place in the world. This is where she would spend the rest of eternity if she had the choice.

As a matter of fact, Rose knows that she wants to be cremated, and she wants her ashes scattered at this very spot. She also knows that she wants to leave her beloved hiking gear to her granddaughter Maddie, who loves to hike almost much as she does.

Although Rose has mentioned her wishes to her son and daughters, she doesn’t want them to struggle to remember what she wanted when the time comes. She also doesn’t want to risk her children arguing over what she would’ve wanted or worrying about how they’re possibly going to pay for an expensive funeral.

That’s why she went ahead and made cremation prearrangements with her local funeral home. Rose’s family knows that when she passes, all they have to do is call the funeral home to set these arrangements in motion. This thought gives Grandma Rose and her entire family a sense of comfort and peace of mind. Without a worry in the world, Grandma Rose can relax and enjoy nature as she rests by Mirror Creek each Saturday.

Clark Legacy Center provides first-rate funeral planning services for the Lexington area to give families the ultimate peace of mind. Pre-planning your funeral ensures that your loved ones aren’t left to make difficult decisions during a painful time—and it also guarantees that your wishes are followed down to the smallest detail. Click below to learn more about our unsurpassed pre-planning services.

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