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Funeral portrait

All things to all people

At the Clark Legacy Center, we can help families remember a life in more ways than you can imagine. We offer an array of enhanced options that can make any funeral or cremation service more meaningful and memorable.

Our expert staff will help you create a truly unforgettable service that reflects the unique life of your loved one. Because we strive to be all things to all people, we offer everything from traditional funeral services and cremation options to celebration and remembrance of life events.

Clark Legacy Center offers countless distinctive products and services, including:

Clark Legacy Center patio

Patio Areas: Our exquisite outdoor and enclosed patio areas are available for receptions, luncheons and other events. These gorgeous patios are the perfect place to gather and reminisce with family and friends.

Balloon, Butterfly and Dove releases

Balloon, Butterfly and Dove Releases: We can arrange a release of doves, butterflies or balloons. This is a truly unique and memorable way to celebrate a loved one’s life either before, during or after the funeral service or at the gravesite.

Casket Personalization

Casket Personalization: Whether your loved one was a golf enthusiast, a tried and true patriot or a fervent bird watcher, we can personalize their casket to reflect their life’s passion. We offer everything from commemorative panels and embroidered overthrows to special designs added to the corners of the casket.


Catering Services: We offer a wide variety of reception packages and catering services, including tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Our expert staff can serve your family and friends an array of delicious foods and beverages before, during or after any event.

Funeral luncheon

Funeral Luncheon Packages: For your comfort and convenience, we offer three excellent funeral luncheon packages. These menus are perfect for serving guests during a service.

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Horse Drawn Caisson: Our unique horse drawn caisson is a beautiful way to carry your loved one to their final resting place.

Military funeral

Military Honors: We are proud to offer special services for military members and veterans, including the presence of military members, a 21-gun salute and the traditional performance of “Taps” on the bugle.

Online tribute

Online Obituaries and Video Tributes: We can post an obituary and/or a video tribute on our website for friends and family members to view from the comfort of their own home.

Oil Portraits

Oil Portraits: We offer uniquely personalized portraits of your loved one. Simply provide a scanned photograph of your loved one, and one of Memory Portraits’ talented artists will transform it into a picture that resembles a fine oil painting.

Remembrance Jewelry and Keepsakes

Remembrance Jewelry and Keepsakes: To help families remember their loved one, we offer personalized jewelry and unique keepsakes.


Time Honored Bagpiper: We can provide a professional bagpiper to perform at your loved one’s service. The bagpiper can either precede the caisson or play at the cemetery.

Clark Legacy Center Reception Center

Spacious Reception Center: Our exquisite, roomy reception center can comfortably accommodate large families and gatherings.


Harpist: We can arrange a professional harpist to perform beautiful music at your loved one’s service.

Clark Legacy Center funeral options

Tailored Pre-Need: Clark Legacy Center’s pre-planning experts can help you create a pre-need plan customized for your unique needs and budget.

Traditional funeral

Traditional Family Arrangements: We offer an exceptional traditional funeral arrangement package, including use of our facility, basic funeral director and staff services, a funeral coach and driver and much more.

Cremation options

Unique Cremation Options: To help make any cremation service absolutely unforgettable, we provide an array of customized options, including celebration and remembrance of life events, memorial services and receptions and many special enhancements.


Elaborate or Simple Receptions: Whether you want to throw a large, elaborate reception for all of your loved ones or you’d rather hold a simple, intimate gathering for just your immediate family, Clark Legacy Center can make it happen. We offer exceptional receptions complete with a wide variety of superior food and beverage choices as well as the availability of exquisite outdoor and enclosed patio areas.

DVD presentation

Customized DVD Presentations: We can help you create a memorable customized DVD presentation that you can showcase during a special event, funeral or memorial service. These unique DVD’s include photos and videos accompanied by music.

Living tribute

Living Tributes: A living tribute is a truly special way to honor a loved one while they are still alive. Whether you want to surprise your mother for her 80th birthday or show your beloved grandfather how much he means to the family, a living tribute is the perfect venue for friends and family to gather and celebrate the life of any guest of honor.

Green Burials

Green Burials: We are proud to offer green burials for those who are mindful of the environment. This burial option maintains the most natural form of a burial while promoting the growth of native foliage.

Memory Display Tables

Memory Display Tables: We can put your loved one’s medals, trophies, collectibles and other special personal items on display at a memory table. A memory table may include photos, awards, heirlooms and other keepsakes that were particularly cherished by your loved one.

Unique Venues

Unique Venues: Clark Legacy Center can provide services at any unique location of your choice. Whether you want to hold a service at the country club, a favorite restaurant or another special venue, we will accommodate your needs.

Customized Music Selections

Customized Music Selections: We can help your family compile special music selections for the visitation, funeral or memorial service. Whether your loved one had a passion for jazz or loved rock and roll, we can play whatever style of music you find fitting.

Grave marker

Monuments and Markers: Choose from our large selection of timeless, customizable monuments and markers to memorialize your loved one at the gravesite.

Additionally, we can provide these services at any location of your choice. Whether you want to hold a service in our exquisite reception center, our chapel, graveside, your church, a park or any other location or venue, we will accommodate your needs.

For more information about our superior service options, contact us today at 859-271-1111.

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