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Cremation Services in Kentucky

At Clark Legacy Center, we offer a variety of distinctive cremation services in Nicholasville, Frankfort and Versailles, KY that can be customized to meet the needs of each family. Cremation is a simple and dignified option that is often less costly than a traditional funeral service.


Whether for religious, environmental or personal reasons, an increasing number of families are choosing cremation over the traditional burial. Cremation is a simple and dignified service option that generally costs less than a traditional funeral service. It doesn’t require costly caskets or cemetery plots and, therefore, can be an affordable alternative to the typical funeral service but just as memorable.

Understanding the Cremation Process

Cremation is the clean and ecologically safe process of reducing a body to its basic elements. During a cremation, the casket or container holding the deceased is placed in the cremation chamber.

After several hours, the cremated remains are carefully removed from the cremation chamber. The remains are then processed into a fine powder-like material called “cremains,” or more commonly referred to as “ashes.” The crematory experts then place the cremains in a temporary container or an urn chosen and purchased by the family. Throughout the entire process, the crematory uses a carefully controlled labeling system to ensure accurate identification of the cremated remains.

If you have questions or concerns about the cremation process, please call Clark Legacy Center. Our friendly professionals can give you more details about the process and help you decide if cremation is the best option.

On-site Crematory & Cremation Services:

We Give Families Total Assurance & Peace of Mind

Clark Legacy Center is the first and only full-service funeral home in Lexington area and central Kentucky to offer on-site cremations. The difference is simple but significant. With Clark Legacy Center’s on-site crematory, families have our assurance that once you’ve entrusted us with your loved one, they never leave our care. Your family member will be cared for with dignity by people you trust.

Our recent installation of a state-of-the art cremation unit means that the entire cremation process will take place at Clark Legacy Center, assuring you and your family of our tradition of accountability and exacting standards throughout. You can expect complete privacy, comfort, and respect as our caring funeral professionals will take personal care of the entire cremation process. We do not offer our crematory to other funeral homes, allowing us to offer families total confidence and peace of mind.

There is no extra expense for on-site cremation and because your loved one never leaves our care, you are also spared any additional transportation or scheduling problems with an outside crematory.

Clark Legacy Center will help you arrange a memorable cremation service, no matter how simple or elaborate your needs might be. Contact us today at (859) 271-1111 to learn more about this unique cremation option.

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